April 10, 2007

Here is a quick little entry to show you an example of how blogs can be used even in primary grades.  The KinderKids Classroom blog is a blog for a Kindergarten classroom in Deerfield, NH.  I really like this blog because it allows the children to contribute in several ways.  First, the children get to write their own blog entries and receive feedback from other students, friends and family.  Second, they incorporate podcasts into their blogs to allow the viewers to hear them sing songs and tell us about their class.  This is a really good way to incorporate technology into a primary classroom.  Through this one blog the students are reading, writing, singing, speaking, typing, and sharpening their technology skills.  As a reward they get to share their work with their family and friends and receive positive reinforcement from them.  Check out the blog and see think about ways you can incorporate blogging into your classroom.

By the way the KinderKids Classroom blog is run from Class Blogmeister which is a free blogging site that gives the teacher the ability to review and approve blog entries before they can be viewed by others.


You can leave comments!

March 23, 2007

As you read these entries, please be aware you can leave comments simply by clicking the link underneath each post.  You can use this to ask questions, share ideas, or make statements.  The ability of the reader to engage the author is one of the major features of blogs!