Express Yourself Through Comic Strips

A brand new website was launched today that allows users to create their own comic strips. Toondoo is a site that allows the user to create their own unique 1, 2, or 3 panel comic strip and quickly publish it to the Toondoo website or a blog. Now I have zero artistic ability and under normal circumstances I would never be able to express myself in this format, but Toondoo makes it easy. Toondoo provides a series of backgrounds, characters, props and text boxes to choose from, or if you prefer, you can upload your own pictures and use them. Once you pick your elements you can resize, rotate, or move them around the page as you like. You get total control of your comic strip. When your done you can publish with a single click and your comic is viewable on the Toondoo site by all.

This is a free website that can easily be used in classrooms from elementary to high school. As we look for new and exciting ways for our students to express themselves, websites such as Toondoo offer even the right brained challenged an easy way to create a visual statement. Utilizing a website like Toondoo is a good way incorporate art, technology, and content in a fun way and get an attractive and potentially meaningful product.

Here is my Toondoo comic strip.

Rapid Change Happens!

I challenge you to make your own Toondoo comic and post the link in the comments section.


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