An introduction is in order

January 26, 2007


My name is Eric Bouvier and on January 22, 2007 I became the Director of Technology and Curriculum for the Auburn Public School District.

For the past eleven years I have served as the Director of Technology for the Sutton Public School District, in Sutton, Massachusetts. During my time there we experienced the technology explosion in education. Pockets of technology use expanded into district wide use with computers in every classroom and office. The network became an indispensable resource for not only our administration, but for all staff and students. E-mail revolutionized communication both internally and externally. The Internet arrived and changed the way we find and process knowledge forever. All these “events” have offered us a window for change in education, a chance to grow beyond our school walls and expand educational opportunities for our students.

While I enjoyed my time in Sutton I am very excited to be part of Auburn. I believe that this is very exciting time for educational technology. The web is changing from a read only resource to an application that offers exiting new ways to create, publish and collaborate. I welcome the opportunity to help Auburn effectively and efficiently integrate these new technologies.

This blog will be my attempt to increase communication with the community and keep you up date not only with what is going on inside the school, but also with other technology news as well.



Hello world!

January 26, 2007

Welcome to the Auburn Public Schools in Auburn, Massachusetts.